Various services


Its not just customer care and software services that can be outsourced to the Philippines. Think of digital jobs that are repetitive and manually time consuming and it can be done here locally. Encoding of data, a personal assistant, video editing and video security monitoring are other services we offer. Keywords are 24/7 availability, a service minded attitude of all people working with us and European management.

Data encoding services can consist of a wide variety of disciplines such as entering data from paper into a digital environment or adding knowledge to existing data. Just let us know what your task is about and we will get back to you with a description of the way we can execute it.

Personal assistant service is something we can truly recommend based on our own experiences. need to find information on the web about your competitors or want to monitor them on a weekly basis? or do you want someone to help you find the cheapest flight schedule for your business trip? Hire an assistant part-time or full-time and let her do the research for you.

Since 2017 we also started with analysing sports games for various clients in Europe. The initial focus is on soccer games from allover the world. Our analists are using a tool developped by our client to input the data while watching the games. The data is being used by our client to advice football clubs about their current players and to help them scout potential new players.