Customer care


When we started setting up our customer care team we were quickly surprised by the eagerness they showed in helping clients. Their patience and focus on helping the client are remarkable. Our customer care team makes not only our own clients feel special but also their clients. We provide customer care online through chat or email but can also do this by phone. Dutch and English speaking agents are available per direct, other languages (Spanish, French and German) are available on request within two weeks after signing the agreement.

You will receive daily reports of their performance, get transcripts of their chats and/or emails and if desired we can provide you with audio of their recorded phone conversations.

Prices vary on the way we work with you and on what you expect. For example if you have a small website with up to 100 customer requests per month that just need someone to reply to the basic questions, we can provide you 24/7 customer support in English for US$ 150-200 per month.