Storage, packaging and distribution

Production in China has over the past decade taken a huge leap that benefits many companies in the United States, Europe and Australia. Buying in bulk however still requires the purchaser to package the individual products and in case of export also distribute them to the various international clients. Jacudibi Business Solutions is located in a so-called economic free zone where we can import products against zero percent import taxes if we ship the products abroad after packaging, labelling etc.

The benefit is in the lower cost as we use local staff and local wharehousing that is all relatively cheaper (40-60%). Especially for small medium exporters (up to USD 10mln per year) this can create a significatn difference.

Software development


Outsourcing of software development to the Philippines has shown a tremendous growth over the past years. Reasons for this can be found in the availability of highly educated people, the above average knowledge of English (which is the second language in the Philippines) and the affinity with western cultures. Lastly the wages in the Philippines are attractive compared to western countries.

Jacudibi Business Solutions offers various possibilities for you; we can either work project-based and agree on a time schedule or you hire a dedicated group of developers to work for you on a full-time basis. Project management can be done by us or by your own project management team. Flexibility is key in our offering and the way we work with you.

Our company is being managed by European professionals which means the developers in the Philippines are being guided, monitored and trained by our specialists in Europe. Project management is also being supervised by our team of project managers in Europe.

Customer care


When we started setting up our customer care team we were quickly surprised by the eagerness they showed in helping clients. Their patience and focus on helping the client are remarkable. Our customer care team makes not only our own clients feel special but also their clients. We provide customer care online through chat or email but can also do this by phone. Dutch and English speaking agents are available per direct, other languages (Spanish, French and German) are available on request within two weeks after signing the agreement.

You will receive daily reports of their performance, get transcripts of their chats and/or emails and if desired we can provide you with audio of their recorded phone conversations.

Prices vary on the way we work with you and on what you expect. For example if you have a small website with up to 100 customer requests per month that just need someone to reply to the basic questions, we can provide you 24/7 customer support in English for US$ 150-200 per month.


Various services


Its not just customer care and software services that can be outsourced to the Philippines. Think of digital jobs that are repetitive and manually time consuming and it can be done here locally. Encoding of data, a personal assistant, video editing and video security monitoring are other services we offer. Keywords are 24/7 availability, a service minded attitude of all people working with us and European management.

Data encoding services can consist of a wide variety of disciplines such as entering data from paper into a digital environment or adding knowledge to existing data. Just let us know what your task is about and we will get back to you with a description of the way we can execute it.

Personal assistant service is something we can truly recommend based on our own experiences. need to find information on the web about your competitors or want to monitor them on a weekly basis? or do you want someone to help you find the cheapest flight schedule for your business trip? Hire an assistant part-time or full-time and let her do the research for you.

Since 2017 we also started with analysing sports games for various clients in Europe. The initial focus is on soccer games from allover the world. Our analists are using a tool developped by our client to input the data while watching the games. The data is being used by our client to advice football clubs about their current players and to help them scout potential new players.