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Jacudibi Business Solutions

JACUDIBI Business Solutions is providing software and customer care services for companies in Europe. We work together with an existing team of developers and project managers in Europe who are all working on exciting project for our clients. Some projects are based on demand and specification of our clients but most are our own initiatives. Check out some of the companies we work with (www.prepaidunion.com , www.datiq.com, www.interconnection.nl. We always look for new talent that can help us on our projects and if once working with us you get good conceptual ideas yourself, we will look into the business model and help you out if we see a chance for it.

People we always welcome are experienced PHP programmers with preferably knowledge of ZEND framework. Same goes for online marketeers with 3 years or more experience in Google Adwords, SEO and link building. And if you have been working in the customer care field and speak other languages (Dutch, German etc) besides English and Tagalog please drop us an email.


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